Giving Funds LLC is an organization committed to providing efficient and affordable digital giving solutions for nonprofits and christian organizations. We provide 3 great giving solutions that are all available to your organization with only one sign up. Combined, the Giving Funds giving solutions can be your one stop shop for all your digital giving needs.


Our mobile phone app Giving App (Iphone and android), online donation button Givingbox and our mobile card reader Giving Point are all carefully designed to make giving quick and easy. People are more likely to give when giving is quick and easy.


All our giving tools use Stripe for payment processing. Unlike many other giving tools out there Giving Funds giving tools are designed to ensure that you get your donations directly into your organization’s bank account. This is usually one business day for card donations.


You will get more money per donation when you use Giving funds giving solutions as compared to most other giving tools out there. Our mantra, no extra fees is true, as you take what you get. We do not keep your money and wait to take a percentage out of it before we give the rest to you. We do not charge organizations or fundraising campaigns anything beyond Stripe processing fees.


For all our Giving tools you can track your donations live with our organization app GivingOrg. Successful donations are immediately posted on the donations received section of the organizations app. You also have a free data dashboard on our website where you can track donation details, doantions history and transfer your donation data to a spreadsheet. You can also issue refunds from our free data dashboard.

Lets take a closer look at the major features of our 3 main giving solutions.


Our Giving App allow donors to make a donation in less 10 secs with 3 pushes. You can easily search for an organization or a fundraising campaign from the home page. Donors can also set up recurring donations based on 3 frequencies (weekly, biweekly, or monthly). We also provide options to give by card or bank account. Donations by bank account have a processing fee of only 0.8% with a cap at $5. This is the lowest processing fee out there for a donation app. Our app is linked to most online banking accounts so you can add your bank account details very quickly with your online banking credentials. Our Giving App also allows you to create and share fundraising campaigns (Giving fundraisers). Individuals and organizations can create fundraising campaigns and share from the app or from our website. You can track donations and comments for your fundraising campaign all from the app.


Givingbox is our free online donation button that can easily be embed on your website and allows your website visitors who want to donate to easily make a donation by card. The donation button opens a donation form that is qucik and easy to use. Our donation button can be customized by selecting your own choice of text, color and size to match your website design. Our main competitors Donorbox will charge you 1.5% of your total donations for every donation over $1000 in addition to Stripe processing fees. We do not charge orgnaizations any fees in addition to Stripe processing fees.


Giving Point is our easy to use mobile card reader donation feature on our organizations app GivingOrg. Accept in person donations by card using our organization app GivingOrg and a Stripe card reader. The Stripe BBPOS CHIPPER™ 2X BT card reader is versatile, uses bluetooth for connection and can read card data by swiping, inserting or tapping the card. Our GivingOrg app is compatible with both phone and tablet for iphone and android so you can accept donations by card reader with a phone or tablet. This is a great feature for organizations whose members meet regularly like Churches. It is also great for accepting donation during charity events. The processing fee for our mobile card reader donations is 2.7% + $0.25. This is comparable to other mobile card reader solutions like Paypal Here but has the added advantage of receiving your donations directly into your bank account in one business day.

Sign up on our website or on our free organizaiton mobile app GivingOrg and take advantage of all our amazing giving solutions with just one sign up. Focus on the amazing work you are doing for the society and let us help you accept and organize your donations with our great giving tools.