Technology has helped us introduce smarter ways of doing things in the church. Giving is a way to connect with the blessings of the church and is ubiquitous. In this article, I will be discussing five reasons every church should have a mobile giving app.

It is convenient

Mobile giving apps make it possible for the members of a church to give any time and from any location. It is convenient; people don’t need to wait till they are in the church to give. With mobile apps designed for this purpose, members can donate to the church anytime.

The church is now online

Many churches have created online platforms through which they broadcast messages in real-time on their worship days. There are so many people who rely on these online broadcasts to hear the word of God. For example, people in hospitals or others who have jobs with tight schedules that prevent them from attending the church on worship days rely on online broadcasts to worship God and stay connected to the church. After receiving the blessings from the word, anyone who wants to give can do that easily through mobile apps designed for the church.

Mobile apps are secure

There are protocols used for the development of mobile apps that make it mandatory to integrate a secure online service to prevent online hacking. Mobile apps must meet these requirements before they can be featured on app stores. The security of mobile apps for giving encourages more people to use the platform because they are sure their funds and data are secure.


It is easy for the church to collate and account for the proceeds from donations received through a mobile app. Thus funds can be audited and properly managed.

Special fundraising

Some mobile giving apps allow for creation of special fundraising campaigns that can be shared online and through messages with church members. This can be a great tool for special fundraising. People usually give more when there is a specific need, and the ability to create special fundraising campaigns for specific needs can boost church giving.

If implemented well mobile app giving has been found to help increase church giving by up to 30% or more in some cases. Mobile app giving is safe, fast, easy, and convenient and many churches are now adding it to their giving options.