We are in a digital age, and many people do not carry cash or checks around. Churches and nonprofit organizations interact with thousands of people who are already used to making mobile payments for all their services.

Below, I have written some of the top reasons why churches and nonprofit organizations need a mobile card readers as an alternative to receive funds from people who wish to offer financial support.

It is easy to use and reliable

Mobile card readers are very easy to use. Think of it as a digital point of sale (POS) for receiving mobile donations. Anyone who wants to make donations to the church or nonprofit organization can do this easily with the mobile card reader. With a few taps on the screen, a connection is established, and payments can be made easily.

Mobile card readers have cross-platform functionality

You can use a mobile card reader to receive mobile payments across all platforms. This means you can use an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet to accept in-person card donations. This is convenient, and it allows more people to participate in fundraising events for churches or nonprofit organization.

Everyone is going cashless

People hardly carry cash around these days, why bother when payments can be made with a card or smartphone easily? Mobile card readers in the church can be described as keeping up with the trends and is a necessary payment option to have.

Accurate online records and security

You can easily monitor the funds received and perform audits. The records are generated online and easy to print out and study. The level of transparency attributed to  mobile payments makes it easier to prevent fraud and increases accountability.

Mobile card readers are encrypted with secure online software that protects data sent through the system. Personal information is encrypted to protect user’s information.

Many people have accepted innovative digital methods of making payments. For many  churches and most nonprofits a greater percentage of their donations are now received through digital giving solutions.